Chapel in the Cathedral at Gerace, Calabria, Italy

Above the Battery Park Underpass in Lower Manhattan looking North
to the One World Trade Center building on a rainy winter night.

Soumaya Museum in Mexico City showing some of the over 15,000 hexagonal panels that cover the building and are suspended away from its surface.

Candid photo of a guard at the Whitney Museum, NYC

Pittsburgh, PA from the top of Mount Washington

The 5th Precinct House (built in 1881) in Lower Manhattan, NYC

My version of a "Senior Portrait"

Homeless man under a bridge along the Seine in Paris ... but still patriotic.
Horse racing in Barbados.
Trying to find their way in the Paris Metro.

February 2, 2023, Groundhog Day, Dallas, Texas, Ice Storm

"You Just Don't Understand", Argument at a coffee bar, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

Street vendors rack of hats in West Village, NYC

Lizard on a Garden Hunt @ Hunte's Gardens, Barbados

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